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Our companies are dedicated to improving the lives of people and the companies they own or work for. We’re happy to help anyone reading this learn how to improve even the best-oiled machine by incorporating our collective talents into their organization or lives.

Information Technology

This is our technical consulting company. We help small start-ups and Fortune companies alike to develop solid strategies and implement those strategies to ensure Information Technology is an enabler to business and not something to be feared or to be anxious about. We can manage your large projects and ensure successful completion or handle your day to day IT operations to ensure your systems and infrastructure are fast, secure, and reliable.

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We have developed a small private fund similar in many ways to a hedge-fund, but lacking the complexity and erasing the downside normally associated with a hedge fund. We aim to ensure the capital you or your company invests yields the highest returns possible without having the high level of risk normally associated with this goal. Interested in learning more, please email us at thesmiths (at) hs3enterprises (dot) com.

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Providing personalized marketing service and business solutions to start-ups and to small to midsize companies. Our creative marketing ideas and services assist our clients in connecting to their ideal audiences.

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